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My Services

International Repatriation

I am able to repatriate the deceased internationally from and to a specified locations. This service is available to any funeral director or family 24 hours, 365 days.

All relevant paperwork is taken care of and where necessary, embassy's will be contacted/visited on your behalf.

National Repatriation operates a 24 hour, 365 days a year caring service and is able to repatriate the deceased to and from specified locations. All relevant paperwork is taken care of and where doctors and other third parties require payment, this can also be arranged on your behalf.

Airport Transfers

I can transfer a coffin incoming from any country Worldwide from an UK airport, transferring to your Funeral home.

I can arrange all third party fees and customs clearance where required.

I attend airports in the Vauxhall Vivaro Private Ambulance vehicle shown in the photo gallery section of my website.


I am well equipped and have the facilities to handle the larger person with ease and dignity in any circumstances, having bariatric stretchers & facilities, and specialist roller deck's in each vehicle as part of a vast equipment list.

Human Remains

The Repatriation of human remains from one specified location to another. This service can include the movement of human remains in the form of cremated remains etc. We only offer a personal service whereby a member of our family will collect the ashes and deliver them to the specified location personally. We do not utilise third parties such as postage, parcel or logistics companies.


We have our own paperwork that is made available to you following a Repatriation. We complete a; 'First Call & Quotation' document, and a 'Repatriation Report' document.

First Call & Quotation

This document is used to outline all requirements that you have, it specifies all documents required of you, and us in order to Repatriate; legally, effectively, and preparatory with a future Funeral Service in mind. This document also outlines the quotation as discussed with you, broken down for your advice.

Repatriation Report

This document specifies all of the details of the person who has passed away. It acts as a checklist for paperwork that we are required to collect on your behalf, logs and jewellery or property that we handle, and requires a signature from third parties to countersign the information on that document (e.g. a member of staff at a hospital where we collect someone who has passed away, justifying that the person as any jewellery or property at the time that we attended. Then a third party at the location where we take the person who has passed away to, will sign to take custody of those items listed, out of our care).

Both documents are duplicated meaning that we can leave one copy with the person that we hand over to upon disembarkation. We can then email or post copies upon request.