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About Us

With a 24 hour caring service available for funeral directors to engage with,  NR Repatriation can provide continued support and a one-to-one service using top of the range equipment along with very discrete transport facilities to fulfil your requirements.

NR Repatriation operates a 24 hour, 365 days a year caring service and is able to repatriate the deceased to and from specified locations. All relevant paperwork is taken care of and where doctors and other third parties require payment, this can also be arranged on your behalf. As advanced motorist’s, land journeys are completed to a high standard of safe driving, providing continued support and a one-to-one service using top of the range equipment along with discreet vehicles to fulfil requirements.

Repatriation & Removal Specialists, we are well equipped and have the facilities to handle the larger person with ease in any circumstances, having bariatric stretchers & facilities, and a roller deck as part of a vast equipment list. National Repatriation have managed many challenging sizes in the past.

I am very focused in providing a dedicated caring service with the highest level of customer satisfaction and will do everything to meet expectations. Experienced in repatriation both overseas and nationally, and highly competent working within many different aspects of the funeral service, we are confident and professional, understanding how to achieve and deliver a dignified and respectful service. 

Valuable experience has been gained by working with independent funeral directors and the team have the knowledge required to carry out this necessary and sensitive part of a funeral director's work. With a personal and professional approach towards work, I can offer the best possible service which is carried out to the highest standard.

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